Workshop bind creative headscarf €31,75 p.p. (6 till 8 persons)
Duo creative scarf tying workshop €74,00 (2 persons)
Make your Head happy €264,95 (8 till 10 persons)
NEW WORKSHOP: COLOUR MY DAY €31,75 p.p. (4 till 6 persons)

Put in Di’Xpression

Meet the Wrap-dresser from €79,50 (ex VAT, max 2 hours)
Make-up single €42,50 (p/u p.p.)
Make-up photoshoot €60,50 (by time of day to 4 hours, p.p.)
Make-up video €60,50 (by time of day to 4 hours, p.p.)
Make-up bride (incl. test make-up) €115,00 (à 4 hours, p.p.)

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*All rates are quoted in Euros, include VAT (unless otherwise stated) and do not include travel costs (€0,19/km).
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